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A Well Kept Secret [Signed Copy]

A Well Kept Secret [Signed Copy]

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This listing is for one (1) physical paperback copy of A Well Kept Secret, signed by the author Vera Valentine. This item will also come with a special BONUS sticker, as shown in the product photos!

Please note: This is a 82-page novella, so the physical book is slender!

  • Pairing: MF
  • Standalone: Yes, HEA
  • Style: Paranormal / 18+
  • Content: For sensitive readers, a gentle caution that this story contains a woman injuring herself, threats of violence (to FMC, not by MC), implied threats of sexual violence (to FMC, not by MC), sexual assault (unwanted kissing forced on FMC, not by MC), bondage with rope, unprotected sex, magical ejaculation, an extruded dragon penis (sing it with me now - cock pocket!), clothes being ripped/cut off, and a bit of a wish kink going on. Oh, and a few dicks fall off right towards the end. (Don’t worry, they’ll grow back.) If I’ve missed mentioning any content considerations you feel should be in this list, please let me know! The safety and comfort of my readers always takes precedence.


In Western Barrett, murmurs of magic are as plentiful as the land’s famous apple orchards. Tirasande, a down-on-her-luck thief that’s recently found herself alone, decides to strike out in search of a well rumored to be filled with fortune.

The trouble is, that fortune is living, breathing, and rather possessive of whatever makes its way down his well. Will Tira's unexpected presence chip at the mortar surrounding the elusive Mossfang, or is she destined to become a warning to future treasure-seekers?

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