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Bonkers Box [Signed Copies of Unhinged + Squeak]

Bonkers Box [Signed Copies of Unhinged + Squeak]

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This listing is for one (1) BONKERS BOX, which includes a physical paperback copy of Squeak: A Balloon Animal Omegaverse Tale, and a physical paperback copy of Unhinged, both signed by the author Vera Valentine. This item will also come with four special BONUS stickers and a postcard of MM (Sebastian x Keane) NSFW art by Mar Espinosa - check product images for a sneak peek!

Information on Squeak

Please note: This is a 54-page novella, so the physical book is slender!

  • Pairing: MMF (Polyam-Building Series)
  • Standalone: Yes, HFN
  • Style: Paranormal / 18+
  • Content: Contains explicit content / potential triggers, including but not limited to: OV designations and omegaverse-specific concepts like knotting, heats, ruts, nests, mate bites, bondings, and more. There is a brief (non-main-character) death at the very end. There is discussion of past violence and sexual compulsion/slavery, but it’s all occurred by the time the story starts. MM relationships do not need a warning, but consider this your heads up that the MCs are together, as they often are in my books - this story is polyamorous / polyam. If I’ve missed mentioning any content considerations you feel should be in this list, please let me know! The safety and comfort of my readers always takes precedence.


A dedicated art student at her local community college, Poppy practically lives inside her sketchbook. Drawn to the distracted crowds of the local zoo, her planned day of anonymous figure-sketching is interrupted by the charming Sebastian - and his brooding, borderline-rude friend Keane.

Little does she know the two have a twisted secret that defies imagination - and the pressure on both of them is increasing by the day. As an intricate plan takes shape to secure their freedom, the twists and turns they face - and a pair of very intriguing knots - might just unwittingly tie Poppy to both of them, forever.

Information on Unhinged

Please note: This is a 70-page novella, so the physical book is slender!

  • PairingMF
  • Standalone: Yes, HEA
  • Style: Paranormal / 18+
  • Content: Unhinged is a paranormal romance story, intended for readers 18+, that involves a human woman getting it on with her front door, which later turns into a guy. This story contains door knob insertion, voyeur (MC to FMC), voyeur (bad guy against FMC), allusion to man-on-woman violence (off page), woman killed after luring (off page prior to story starting, non-explicit), covert breaking and entering (via master key against FMC by bad guy), secret underwear theft (against FMC by bad guy), deliberate food drugging, alcohol use, harassment via text (bad guy against FMC), allusions to an orgy with unprotected sex (non-main character, off page), gun violence (on page), shooting “death” (on page), wood putty use, sex toy use, condom use, working with police, talking with police, erotic humiliation (very light), fetishistic enjoyment of commands, lubricant use, female domination (with aftercare), male submission (aftercare is supplied).


Someone’s been watching Tana closely, but he’s a lot closer than she realizes. From intimate moments to lazy afternoons on the couch, he’s secretly seen it all - and fallen for her along the way. The problem is that someone else is watching too, and his obsession with Tana is a lot more dangerous.

When a man claiming to be her front door enters her dreams to warn her about an imminent threat to her life, Tana initially chalks it up to her weird late-night snacks. But she rethinks things when her earnest visitor insists he’s also ready to protect her - in exchange for one hell of a favor.

When Tana trades her best line of defense for an unlikely supernatural ally, the threat lurking beyond her apartment hallway starts getting desperate as the law closes in. Can her inhuman companion save her from the worst of humanity, or is it too late for both of them?


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