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Hayseed [Signed Copy]

Hayseed [Signed Copy]

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This listing is for one (1) physical paperback copy of Hayseed, signed by the author Vera Valentine. This item will also come with This item will also come with a BONUS stickers AND a special BONUS NSFW art postcard, illustrated by the talented KitFoxArt - the "censored" version is shown in the product photos, but you will receive the uncensored one. 

Please note: This is a 56-page novella, so the physical book is slender!

  • Pairing: MF 
  • Standalone: Yes, HEA
  • Style: Paranormal Monster Romance / 18+
  • Content: This is an explicit story is intended for readers 18+ only, and contains mature themes, including a man hitting a woman (open hand), a woman hitting a man (closed fist), drinking, drunken behavior, slut-shaming, threats of violence, gagging (of the be-quiet variety), bondage, corn-based penetration (see how classy I am? I’m not putting a corn shucking joke here and I TOTALLY could), pumpkin fucking, cuckolding, and someone getting REALLY into agriculture if you know what I mean. As always, if I left anything out, please let me know! I’m here to give you the best stories I can, and that means properly informing my beloved readers.


What's full of ears and always listening?

The Harvest Festival has come to Kern Creek again, and farm girl Maisie is excited to take in the sights, sample her favorite fall treats, and enjoy the evening. But when her out-of-control boyfriend Daniel crosses a line in a drunken rage, she flees into the dark of the cornfield to save herself. Exhausted, scared, and somehow lost in the very fields she grew up exploring, the full moon reveals an unexpected addition to the stalks: a scarecrow she's never seen before.

No mere decoration, old druidic magic has given the strange straw man - Corbin - a sentry's reprieve on equinox night. The dark bargain he offers in turn is as intoxicating as Old Man Walker's cider and twice as sweet - but will Maisie dare accept it?

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