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Squeak [Signed Copy]

Squeak [Signed Copy]

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This listing is for one (1) physical paperback copy of Squeak: A Balloon Animal Omegaverse Tale, signed by the author Vera Valentine. This item will also come with two special BONUS stickers and a postcard of MM (Sebastian x Keane) NSFW art by Mar Espinosa - check product images for a sneak peek!

Please note: This is a 54-page novella, so the physical book is slender!

  • Pairing: MMF (Polyam-Building Series)
  • Standalone: Yes, HFN
  • Style: Paranormal / 18+
  • Content: Contains explicit content / potential triggers, including but not limited to: OV designations and omegaverse-specific concepts like knotting, heats, ruts, nests, mate bites, bondings, and more. There is a brief (non-main-character) death at the very end. There is discussion of past violence and sexual compulsion/slavery, but it’s all occurred by the time the story starts. MM relationships do not need a warning, but consider this your heads up that the MCs are together, as they often are in my books - this story is polyamorous / polyam. If I’ve missed mentioning any content considerations you feel should be in this list, please let me know! The safety and comfort of my readers always takes precedence.


A dedicated art student at her local community college, Poppy practically lives inside her sketchbook. Drawn to the distracted crowds of the local zoo, her planned day of anonymous figure-sketching is interrupted by the charming Sebastian - and his brooding, borderline-rude friend Keane.

Little does she know the two have a twisted secret that defies imagination - and the pressure on both of them is increasing by the day. As an intricate plan takes shape to secure their freedom, the twists and turns they face - and a pair of very intriguing knots - might just unwittingly tie Poppy to both of them, forever.

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